20 Habits To Let Go Of In 2018

20 Habits To Let Go Of In 2018

Sometimes, in order to be a better person and improve ourselves, we have to be aware of our own character and our habits. Good or bad ones.

Self-growth and self-awareness aren’t just about being positive and doing great things all the time, sometimes we have to be aware of the negative things, and face up to the things we do. 

When we are aware of negative habits, we can either keep treating ourselves like trash, or we can actually do something about it, and change our habits for the better.

Trust me, I have been guilty of a lot of these habits that I have listed here. I am not perfect and positive all the time. My journey of self-growth has been rewarding, but far from easy or enjoyable.

Through the difficult and hard times, that’s when I have learned a lot. And now I want to help you be aware of some of your habits.

When you read the habits mentioned below, it may be handy to have your journal on hand, because some of these may resonate with you, or they may make you realize different habits you may have that aren’t doing you any good.


20 Habits To Let Go Of In 2018

-All of the habits that are doing your body no good. (Such as eating junk food, not exercising, drinking excessive alcohol or working too much). Treat yourself better.

-Beating yourself up about not achieving the goals and dreams you ‘think’ you should have achieved by now. I bet you’ve achieved great things already.

-The urge to constantly check your social media notifications. If it’s affecting you so much, turn off ALL notifications for apps (the best thing I did!).

-Thinking you will be happy when you have completed ‘this’ or ‘that’. Be happy and grateful now. (Have a think about all the things you have achieved).

-Letting things that happened from your past hold you back. If there’s something you have always wanted to do- do it now. Start today.

-Letting the opinions of others affect how you see yourself. Write yourself a love letter– list all the things you love about yourself. Look back at it whenever someone has put you down or made a rude comment.

-Holding onto grudges. Life is too short to hold resentment and anger. Let it go– even if that means writing a letter to the person and never sending it. Wish them well and move on with your life.

-Feeling like you are stuck with somebody in your life. If you have a friendship in your life, that brings negativity and lowers your energy- it’s okay to let the relationship go. Don’t feel guilty.

-Expecting too much from others. Let them be- they are on their own journey. Focus on your own happiness.

-Feeling guilty about saying no and wanting to stay at home and have some time to yourself. For some people, this is essential for them to regain energy and recharge.

-Trying to please everyone. What about yourself? Are you happy?

-The urge to have total control of your life. Sometimes, you just need to trust the universe and let it all flow for you.

-Being busy and in a rush all the time. Remind yourself to take regular breaks and look after your mind and body.

-Owning too many belongings. At the start of each month, declutter and minimalize your life.

Negative thinking and talking. Think positive, act positive and positive things will happen.

-Letting the past and the future control a lot of your thinking. Be present more. Time is a precious thing.

-Being small minded about everything. Broaden your perspective and change things up from the ‘norm’. When we do things differently, we learn more things.

-Holding onto anger, sadness, grief, and jealousy. Bad things happen to us in life but at some point, we have to move forward and let the past go.

-The tension in your body. Take a long breath, have a good stretch and treat yourself to a nice bath or massage every now and then.

-All of the guilt this post may have made you feel. It’s okay; let go, start over and let 2018 be your best year yet; mind, body, and soul ♥


If your journey to improving yourself and your own habits have just begun, you should reward yourself for reading this blog post, because it is just one step to making your life better.

When you go on a journey within; there will always be hard times and setbacks, but there will also be rewards and happiness. You are going to do great things this year. I can just feel it. 

Dream, believe and achieve ♥

  • thank you, Peta! 🙂

  • Aww, well you could always try. You can do anything you set your mind to xx Thanks love 🙂

  • So inspiring! I wish I could do at least one of those 20 things… Sadly I’m no good at letting go x


  • Thanks so much Agnese! So happy you resonated and it can help you. Cheers to 2018 lovely xx

  • Agnese Hadebe

    This post is amazing, so inspiring! I have bookmarked it so I can refer back to it throughout 2018 as I agree with every single bag habit.

    Lots of love,
    Agnese | http://www.agnesehadebe.com