What I’m Doing In 2017 To Become A Better Blogger

What I’m Doing In 2017 To Become A Better Blogger

When I started blogging in 2014, it was purely for a hobby on the side, and sharing with my friends and family the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. I have always shown interest in writing, photography, technology, and creating content online, as I studied Digital Media when I finished high school. Little did I know that the media course would come in handy now.

What’s different now? I have found something I’m passionate about, and most importantly, I am becoming the real me.

When my twin sister suggested starting a blog because she thought I was an inspiring person to others, I never thought that it would expand and grow into what it is today. I am not a perfect blogger, which is why I’m writing this post, and I have a lot more to learn. But because I’ve been doing it since 2014, I have a lot of blogging tips to share, particularly for new bloggers. These are the things I am doing differently in 2017 to become a better blogger. 2017 is the year I am getting more serious about my blog.


When I first started my blog, I took images from my Iphone, which were okay, but not great. To have a website or blog, means that having beautiful, high quality images makes you stand out, and look more professional. Last month I bought a digital camera. I chose a Canon SX720 HS. I didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars, but I still wanted high quality images and zoom, and this little beauty does the trick. On top of a great camera, I have also set up a photo corner in my study, where I will be taking the photos. I bought a great pink backdrop, and the location in the house brings amazing sunlight at a certain time of the day.


In the past, I only shared new blog posts once or twice a month, or some months zero. To be a better blogger, means being consistent in your content and posting at least once a week, in my opinion. This year my goal is to share a new blog post at least once a week. This is a great start. A lot of other bloggers I know and admire, are posting even two or three times a week, but they are probably getting thousands of views a week. Because I am not quite there yet, If I posted two or three times a week, my older posts may easily be forgotten about. Once a week is enough time to get it out there and viewed.


2017 is the year for online presence, for all kinds of people. Being a blogger about ten years ago would of been hard for new bloggers like me and you. But in this day and age, thanks to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest. It’s so easy to get your work out there in the online world in 2017 as people are constantly checking their social media apps every day. This time last year, I was a bit scared to interact with other bloggers and people online, but a couple of months ago, I decided to make new connections, and to my surprise, there are SO many nice bloggers out there that you can relate to, and learn things from each other. Note to self: connect and collaborate!


Connecting with your readers and audience is just as important, or even more important than connecting with other bloggers. In my personal opinion, when I have a look at someone else’s blog, or their social media platform, and take the time to give great feedback, or just say hello, and get ignored, it turns me off. And if your doing that with your readers- they may be feeling the same. I have seen bloggers with thousands of readers, and they still manage to connect with their audience; even if they reply once to everyone, or mention their gratification in a blog post, it is awesome, and it makes their readers feel awesome, and they will come back for more. (If you are not a blogger, but a reader of my blog- don’t be scared to say hello!).


When the first day of 2017 was here, I was finally ready for bigger things and new beginnings. I said to myself, “Time to start being me, not them!”. It is so easy to see other bloggers doing awesome work and trying to be like them. It doesn’t work! You need to have your own voice, your own style and your own niche. My blog use to be called ‘Health E Hack’, but I wanted it to reflect more of me, so that’s when it changed to ‘Peta Ramia’, and along came the changes of my style, colors, photos, voice and writing. Since changing all of those things that reflected my personality and passions, my engagement went through the roof. This time last year, I had about 130 views a month on my blog, now I get 700 views a month (my next goal is 1000 views a month). The same goes for my social media. For example, on my Instagram, this time last year I had about 3k followers. Since changing my niche, I now have 6k. The main color I use for my blog and social media platforms is Pink. I was always so scared of having pink everything, because I was afraid of what people would think. Too girly, too spiritual. But it turns out, people LOVE it. So to be a better blogger, having your own niche and style is crucial. Stand out, and be proud; your success will soon follow.

Above everything else, I am not going to be too serious about my blog, and I am just going to have a lot of fun with it! Isn’t that the whole point?

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Are you a blogger? Comment your thoughts below, or changes you are making to be a better blogger. Don’t forget to leave your link so we can all check out your blog! 

  • Yes it’s a must if you want to start creating your own photos and content. I put it off for so long and finally got one and now I’m creating awesome photos ?

  • Yes it’s so true isn’t it! But we should give ourselves a pat on the back because it’s hard work ?

  • Jocelyne Shults

    Such a great recommendation! I will check out the camera for sure. I need one! 🙂 Jocelyne from resonatecreations.com

  • You have some great goals! I myself could use a few of these goals as well, especially the consistency. When I started blogging I had no idea how much time it required.

  • Wow, that is huge effort to have six blogs! Keep up the great work Barbara x

  • Yes interaction is the key! I’ve also made a lot of friends from it x

  • Thanks Katie, have a lovely day! x

  • Wow you have been blogging for a long time! Thanks lovely x

  • Yes for sure! If I don’t post every week then oh well! Ha ha 🙂 xx Thanks girl

  • Sarah Camille Hipp

    You’ve shared some great goals! I focused a lot on consistency at first but also had to learn the lesson that sticking to a certain post time shouldn’t compromise the quality of my posts. Some times I need to take a break and that’s ok. Life is a balancing act, so don’t forget to give yourself a pass every now and then! 🙂
    xo, SC // SCsScoop.com

  • These are all fantastic goals to have! I, too, started my blog just as a hobby (waaaay back in 2010), and didn’t get serious about it until a little over 2 years ago. Upping the post frequency, social media marketing like crazy, and interacting with other bloggers has been absolutely key to my growth!

  • These are great tips!!! <3

  • All of these are awesome points! Interaction is huge in my book!

  • It seems every year I blog I learn more about it. What I most need to improve is consistency. I have six blogs and I can’t post to each of them once a week. One is supposed to be a daily photo blog, but I’ve had to cut back to a few times a month. It’s one I write just because I enjoy it. I’m concentrating primarily on the two blogs I have the most material for now, and trying to post to each once every two weeks. I also contribute to a group blog once every two weeks.