5 Easy Health Changes You Can Make This Week

5 Easy Health Changes You Can Make This Week

Whoever said being healthy was hard? There are many easy changes that you can make to your everyday life which can have a huge impact on your mind, body and soul. If you are starting out a healthier lifestyle; don’t rush into it. Each day set a new goal for yourself, and eventually this ‘health’ kick you are participating in will become your lifestyle…with hard work of course! But here are five easy healthy changes you can make this week:


This is one of the most important things that you should do everyday, and it’s free! Depending on your lifestyle, body and physical activity, you should drink at least 2-3 litres of water a day. Most people only seem to drink under 1 litre of water, am I right? By drinking more water you will have more energy, better mood, better skin, improved weight loss and SO much more. The first thing I do every morning involves water, read about it here. Start off by reducing your daily drinks of coffee, soft drink, milk, black tea, juice, etc and slowly increase your water intake.


Image source http://www.lacroixwater.com/blog/your-body-without-water/


Got a habit which isn’t doing your body any favours? If your wanting to lose weight, have a better digestive system or simply just want to feel healthier you may want to think about reducing things in your diet such as: milk, sugar, gluten, wheat or alcohol. These are the top causes for weight gain, irritability, poor digestion, poor liver function and skin problems if we are having way too much of it (such as a soft drink with every meal, or too much milk and dairy in your diet everyday). Give your digestive system a break and try to reduce your intake of any of the following listed above and see how you feel a few days without it.


Do yourself a favour and buy yourself a blender! Smoothies are my favourite breakfast. It is quick, easy and nutritious! It is perfect for people who don’t have much time in the mornings, or simply cannot stomach a whole meal in the early hours of awakening. You can mix and match until you find the perfect combination. Here is some of my favourite smoothie combinations:

  • Milk of choice, yogurt, oats, protein powder, frozen mixed berries, spinach, banana and cinnamon.
  • Apple, banana, spinach, kale, ginger, lemon, sesame seeds, vanilla and coconut water.
  • Orange, pineapple, turmeric powder, ginger, lemon, flax-seeds, cinnamon and milk/water



  • Lemon
  • Ginger
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Raw Honey
  • Turmeric
  • Cinnamon
  • Berries
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Green Tea
  • Greens Powder (Spirulina, spinach, barley grass, wheat grass etc)


You can be creative and add them to water, smoothies, herbal teas and meals. Your liver, metabolism and digestive system will love you for it; not to mention their antioxidants which will reduce ageing and diseases. We often take time and make ourselves look great on the outside; whether it’s putting on make-up, shaving, getting a tattoo or brushing your teeth. By making these super foods a daily ritual for you, your looking after yourself on the inside. I often take turns with them as well; for example: Green smoothies on Mondays, lemon water on Tuesdays, Spicy smoothie on Wednesdays and so on.


Did you know that compared to normal produce, organic produce has a higher nutritional value and less pesticides. I know that it is very hard to try and switch all of your diet foods to organic, so instead only switch the foods you are having everyday to organic. Examples may be: eggs, bread, oats, rice, certain fruits and vegetables, milk, teas, etc. You will be getting way more antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and healing benefits from organic produce.

Whatever journey your on to making yourself a healthier person, remember not too try too hard and overdo it all in the same go! Take time and be patient with your body. Just like a flower who needs to blossom; let your body adjust. Enjoy these easy goals and along the way I hope you will find some of your own as well!

Cheers to being healthy