50 Self Care Gift Ideas

50 Self Care Gift Ideas

Self care… I don’t do it as frequently as I should.

I mean, I still take that time out for myself at least once every week or two, but unfortunately, sometimes I don’t make it a priority as things can get in the way.

But self care should be one of your number one priorities.


When you take the time to look after both your body and your mind, you will find a variety of things improving in your life. Those being reduced stress, better sleep, a better understanding of yourself and your own journey. Self care can bring hope, positivity, better relationships, awareness and motivation in all areas of your life.

It’s also something that we constantly try to remind our friends and family to also look after themselves, when their own lives get busy and tough.

So why not give the give of better health and self care to your loved ones?

Because quite frankly, we could all do with some more self care in our lives, especially in this day and age. Below you will find 50 self care gift ideas that I’ve come up with to help you help others. Perfect for those last minute, unorganized gift ideas for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Easter and work breakups.


  1. Create the ultimate self care kit with a DVD, new pair of pajamas, socks, lollies, and ice-cream
  2. Create a pamper kit with a face mask, body scrub, bath bomb and a magazine
  3. Create a detox pamper kit with a body brush, body scrub, Epsom salts and some green tea
  4. Create a full moon cleansing kit with sage smudge sticks, a fireproof bowl, candles, and some tarot cards
  5. Create a sleep kit with lavender essential oil, chamomile tea, new pajamas and some socks.
  6. Create a beauty lovers kit with nail polish, lipstick, makeup brush, nail file and a beautifully scented body lotion
  7. Subscription to a wellness/spirituality magazine
  8. Sage smudge sticks for home and space clearing
  9. Incense sticks
  10. Essential oil diffuser
  11. Essential oils for stress relief: lavender, patchouli, Clary sage, rose or chamomile
  12. Essential oils for sleep: lavender, chamomile, bergamot, sandalwood or vetiver
  13. Essential oils for cold/flu-prone person: eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender or tea tree
  14. Candles
  15. Crystals/gems/stones; great ones to start off with are rose quartz or amethyst
  16. Crystals/gems/stone necklace, bracelet or ring
  17. Singing bowls
  18. Herbal teas and a new mug
  19. Magnesium bath flakes/salts
  20. Himalayan salt lamp
  21. Selenite crystal lamp
  22. Bath bombs
  23. Bath or foot soaks
  24. Pampering face masks
  25. Room spray (lovely ones are lavender or sage)
  26. Flower essence sprays/drops (great brands are rescue remedy stress or Australian bush flower essences)
  27. Body scrub (or make your own with natural ingredients such as this beautiful lavender sugar scrub)
  28. Take them on a camping trip and do all the cooking and cleaning during the trip, so they can relax in nature
  29. Voucher for a day spa treatment
  30. Jade facial roller
  31. Voucher for a massage
  32. At home foot spa (with a massager for bonus points)
  33. Voucher for a manicure and pedicure
  34. Self help books
  35. Mindfulness books
  36. Spirituality books
  37. Motivational books
  38. Tarot/angel cards
  39. Make them a photo album filled with good memories
  40. Journal/notebook to write their feelings in
  41. Coloring books
  42. Treat them to their favorite movie and some home-baked sweets
  43. Voucher for a retreat weekend
  44. If you know someone who will be alone during Christmas, invite them over for dinner one night during the week of Christmas and cook their favorite meal. It might make their holiday a bit brighter.
  45. Weekly flower subscription
  46. Healthy recipe books
  47. Create your own voucher and offer a once-off service (clean their house, do their washing, cook their weekly meals etc) and let them choose when they would like to use it- this way they can find some time to do something they love.
  48. New age Cd’s for relaxation time (great categories are Indian flute, Chinese bamboo, angel choir, spa massage, Indian yoga, rain/storming and nature sounds)
  49. New blanket or pillows
  50. Inspirational quote frames

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I hope these self care gift ideas can help you find nicer presents for your beautiful loved ones to look forward to using.

As Christmas is fast approaching us, may you be kind, be grateful and always make time to look after your mind and soul- let’s enter the new year with good vibes ♡

  • Thanks Ania 🙂 I love full moon cleanses as well, it’s one of my favourite rituals. Oh and I would love to see their expressions :’D x

  • I know, and me too- but I realised it’s a wonderful gift to give. Thanks Serena 🙂 xx

  • You know what? I never thought of selfcare gifts and yet I’m so excited by the idea. I agree with you. Selfcare is so important and yet too often neglicted x


  • Love the gift ideas! I’m so into full moon cleansing lately so I know what I would love to get! 🙂 I will definitely steal some of those ideas for Christmas Gifts – my family is super conservative, so I can just imagine their faces if I would to give them sage sticks! 😀

    Thank you for those lovely ideas!
    Ania x