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? Living life more simply and intentionally by minimalization and organization

As well as document my self-growth journey ?

About Peta

 Peta Ramia, founder of PetaRamia.com, is an Australian lifestyle blogger who covers a wide range of topics including self help, spirituality, green beauty and more. Aside from blogging, Peta also works in a health foods store. She loves spending time with her family and friends, creating content for her blog, drinking coffee, smoothies, the beach, having a wine with friends, anything pink and pretty, and connecting to like-minded people.

PetaRamia.Com was founded in 2014, when Peta first began living a healthy lifestyle and started blogging her journey for friends and family, with the hope to inspire them. 

It eventually progressed, and Peta also shared her journey of suffering from adult acne which she healed naturally, which you can read here, and most recently to date, her spiritual journey and finding happiness and confidence from within. Other bloggers can also get inspired and motivated, by reading the post’s in the Blogging section, which are tips and tricks that Peta has learned over the years from starting a blog.  

Peta has just recently started creating videos for her readers to take a peek of her journey more closely. See her videos and subscribe to her channel here


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When it comes to her blog, Peta is very passionate and hard working. If you are interested in working with her, visit the Contact page.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are some tips when wanting to start a blog?

First of all, go to Pinterest and read as many articles you can relating to starting a blog. There are tons of articles out there by other bloggers relating to techy stuff for creating your website, themes, photography, writing, graphics and social media. You can also check out my Blogging category which I’ve shared my tips so far from started a blog. Also, try to read as many blog posts as you can, and learn from other bloggers style of writing, but of course, always make your own work authentic and unique. Try not to rush into it, I know it can be exciting sharing your content with the world, but take your time creating everything until your 100% happy with it. It also helps to write up a few blog posts before you publish your blog, so you can schedule them and have more time for yourself.

How do you get your blog to reach more people?

Create social media accounts specifically for your blog/brand and share to your followers when a new blog post is live. I use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. It’s also a great way to connect more personally with your readers/followers and show them your personality. Collaborate and connect with other bloggers; you will learn from them and can promote each other. I have made heaps of connections with other bloggers and formed friendships. It can take a long time for your blog to grow, but just keep going, always be authentic and if your passionate enough about it, your motivation will drive you to keep blogging.

How do you edit your photos?

I use the app A Color Story, and slightly enhance the brightness and exposure. I like to achieve natural lighting by shooting in areas with plenty of daylight such as next to a window. It might help you to read the post about my Instagram feed and how I make it look pretty.

What camera do you use?

For my photography and Instagram photos I use the Canon SX720, and for my videos on my YouTube channel, I use the Canon EOS M3.


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    Hi ! 🙂
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