Printable Affirmation For Bloggers Who Are Feeling Unmotivated

Printable Affirmation For Bloggers Who Are Feeling Unmotivated

Before I first started this inspiring space for other bloggers like myself, one night I was feeling unmotivated about my blog and I was really sick with a cold so I decided to have a bath and just slow my mind and body right down. I diffused some essential oils, relaxed my muscles and did some deep breathing. After having my peaceful bath, I was feeling a bit better and had made room in my mind for new thoughts. When something inspiring occurs in my head, I instantly write it down in my journal. After writing this affirmation down, that’s when I thought, “Gosh, it can be really overwhelming living your life and also blogging, if only other bloggers could benefit from this advice”. And that’s exactly when I came up with the idea for adding a blogging help section to this website and creating it’s own Instagram account. I am going to share this exactly affirmation I wrote down , to help other bloggers when they are feeling unmotivated. So get your journal out and copy the following into it, or save the following graphic and print it out to stick in your home office/blogging area:

Affirmation For Bloggers

I hope this helps you as much as it helped me. Tell me, do you get unmotivated about your blog at times? Share in the comments.

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  • Lia Be

    Thank you for the great tips. I do too get in a lil rut due to me feeling unmotivated but like you said slow down, you don’t need to rush everything. Thank you for that great reminder x