5 Powerful Affirmations For Anxiety

5 Powerful Affirmations For Anxiety

Anxiety can be tough.

You wake up on the wrong side of the bed, your body feels exhausted and your energy is drained. The thought of being positive makes you cringe. Your jaws start to clench. You look in the mirror in disgust. Your past regrets and the worries of the future are running through your mind. It’s not going away. Words in and out. You can’t help now but feel worried, stressed and sad.

If you suffer from anxiety, you may feel this 24/7.

If you know me well, I’ve always been a huge advocate for manifestation and spirituality. I’ve always believed if you think positive, you will attract positive things. Today I’m going to share with you 5 powerful affirmations I’ve created, to help ease your anxiety.

The great thing about these affirmations is that you don’t necessarily need to act super positive. Because I know feeling positive is the last thing on your mind. But rather being aware of your emotions and learning to let them go peacefully in a calm matter, and telling the universe that you believe good things will come to you one day soon.

I know it’s hard. Really hard actually. But I believe in you. I believe that everything will work out for you. You were put on this earth because you are great and the love you give to others brings so much light into their lives. You’ve got this.


Making a statement, or declaration, with the intention of receiving what you speak of.

Before you use these affirmations, read them with an open mind, and also make sure your environment is calm, so you can relax and ease your mind from worry before practicing these affirmations.


  • If you feel like your environment needs a clearing, you can smudge sage or burn Palo Santo sticks to get rid of any negative energy.
  •  Make your room dark, but have a few candles lit.
  • Burn stress relieving essential oils such as lavender, frankincense or chamomile in a diffuser or oil burner.
  • Have your favorite crystals handy, to help with your emotional frequency.
  • Put on some calming music. My favorite search terms on YouTube or Itunes for new age music are Indian flute, Chinese Zen, bamboo flute, and angel/Reiki music.


  • Say them in front of the mirror out loud.
  • Say them in your mind, and keep repeating.
  • Write them down in your journal and look back at them whenever you’re feeling low.
  • Write them down on a piece of paper, to put in a manifestation box.


I let the storm in my mind cleanse my thoughts. I let the thoughts be. The storm will pass. I will soon be free.

I’ve seen black. I’ve seen grey. I’ve seen sadness. But now I see colors. Now I see light. Now I see love. Now I see hope.

Worrying won’t last forever. Sadness will fade away. Soon, my bad thoughts will be of yesterday.

I’m ready. Ready to let go. Ready to move on. Ready for everything to be okay again. Read for my mind to be quiet. Ready to be happy again.

Dear Universe. I will not let the darkness change me. I will not let myself fade away. I will be amazing. And I will never let that change.


Never feel guilty or bad about how you may be feeling. No-one may ever understand what you’re going through. Heck, it’s hard enough understanding why we feel the way we do.

But do what you have to do to get well again. Rest up. Eat healthy. Read Harry Potter. Eat ice-cream- whatever makes you feel better.

It’s up to you to get up and fight for a better future. Fight for hope.

We all have a chance for happiness again.

Below is an 8-minute song that was declared the most relaxing tune ever created by Marconi Union. This may help you in your meditation/affirmation session.

If you’re experiencing extreme depression or anxiety, it’s important to also note that you may need further help from a doctor or health professional. Here are some really helpful organizations online that you can find someone to talk to or find out additional information:

  • Thanks so much Serena, so happy it has inspired you! I think that quote is my fav too ?? xx

  • I absolutely loved this blogpost. It’s so inspiring. I agree with this quote: “Dear Universe. I will not let the darkness change me. I will not let myself fade away. I will be amazing. And I will never let that change.” x


  • Thankyou Imogen, you’re so welcome! Hope you are doing well gorgeous girl! ♡ xx

  • Such a fabulously written post – so positive, I’ll certainly be trying some of these. Thank you for sharing lovely xx Imogen


  • Thanks Ania ♡ So happy you love them xx

  • I love those! I will add them to my list, as a matter of fact, because they are truly beautiful. Thank you! x

  • Thank you Lia! I’m so happy you connected with these. xx

  • Lia Be

    What a great post, the affirmations were mesmerising and I really connected with each one. I’m going to practise this whenever I’m feeling low. Anxiety can be very hard but we all need to remember that it doesn’t last forever?