Beauty Secrets Of Middle Eastern Goddesses

Beauty Secrets Of Middle Eastern Goddesses

As some of my family heritage comes from a Lebanese background, I am obsessed with middle eastern style and beauty. But I think we all can agree that middle eastern woman always seem to look absolutely beautiful; their natural attributes, make-up, clothes and classy poise. Today I am sharing their secrets behind their flawless, glowing skin and hair, some of which I practice myself.


Arabic woman have been using Argan oil for centuries, and throughout the world it has became a beauty staple. Many people know Argan oil as a hair tonic; the key to shiny and bouncy hair. But it is also great for your skin; easily absorbed, loaded with fatty acids and vitamin E; which is great for dry, sensitive skin. I also use to it a lot when I had severe acne as it reduces your sebum levels for people with oily skin.


If you have seen some of my posts on social media, or my rose petal sherbet recipe, you will know I am obsessed with rose. Arabic woman have been using rose in their beauty treatments for centuries; rose water, rose petals, rose oil, rose everything. It has soothing and moisturizing properties; particularity beneficial for sensitive and dry skin types. It has been used in the Middle East in the form of rose petal baths, rose water toner spray and rose essential oil used as a serum for the face.


This green mineral, known as french green clay has been a beauty staple for middle eastern woman. It is loaded with minerals and is highly absorbent. Used as a face mask to exfoliate and revitalize the skin for a fresh dewy complexion. You can buy it as a mask, or use the powder and mix it with water to form a paste. Follow up the mask with rose essential oil and your skin will be glowing the next morning.


A key to Moroccan beauty is their Hammam spa ritual; a purification and detoxification bath which middle eastern woman treat themselves to all the time; I have never tried this but it is on my bucket list when I travel to the Middle East. Some of the steps in this spa treatment is a full body clay treatment, followed by exfoliation, cleansing and moisturizing with oils; some of which I have mentioned above.


This refreshing tea beverage is a regular drink of the middle eastern tribe as it is filled with antioxidants; which is great for anti-ageing and also anti-acne and anti-scarring treatments. It is also a great digestive soothing drink. I grew up to love mint as my family grew it in the garden and used it with Lebanese recipes, I use to it go out in the garden as a kid and eat it raw; never did I know it would be great for me; inside and out.

I hope you have enjoyed these beauty secrets of Middle Eastern goddess woman, and can use some of these rituals for your own home beauty treatments. Like every woman, we are all goddesses and have our own type of beautiful.

Have you tried any of these beauty rituals in the past? Comment what you think! ⇓