Fourteen Fun Ways To Boost Your Mood

Fourteen Fun Ways To Boost Your Mood

If you’ve read multiple posts on this blog, you may think to yourself, “She’s so positive”, “She’s so happy”, “She has it all together”. But that is far from the truth. We are all susceptible to feeling down sometimes. We are all bound to wake up one morning and feel unmotivated and a bit lost. And no matter how long you’ve meditated for that day or how many ‘inspiring’ quotes you’ve googled, sometimes it doesn’t help. What helps me on those crappy days is placing a bit of balance in my life, changing my routine and finding fun ways to boost my mood. Here are fourteen fun rituals in my life.

-Buy a pink wig and dress up as someone else for the day.

-Put on make-up, dress up, put on 90’s pop songs and just re live the old days where you often did those things as a child to have fun and play around. Take some selfies while your at it.

-Plan an enchanted party. You may wish to theme it as fairies, witches, Disney princesses or movie stars. I recently threw a fairy party for my girlfriends and I swear I had just as much fun planning it as I did on the night.

-Plan a holiday. Even if it’s in a few years.

-Create a “Happy” playlist. These songs can be the old and new songs that uplift you and make you smile. Put this playlist on whenever you are feeling down.

-Read a book. Get lost in the characters own feelings and problems to distract yourself for a short while from your feelings and problems.

-Create a scrapbook and put in photos and words that you love from magazines and old photos. You can also refer back to it in future days when your feeling down.

-Go through photos from when you were a child until now and put on the “Happy” playlist while your reminiscing all the good memories in your life.

-Go for a walk in nature. Nature is so simple yet so beautiful. It helps me realize that the it’s the simple things in life that make me happy, and not to be consumed by my insignificant first world problems.

-Get out your favorite and most expensive perfume and wear it for the day. The scent will take you right back to those special times in your life that you wore it.

-Wear sexy lingerie under your outfit. No explanation needed.

-Close your bedroom door, put on your most favorite song ever and dance like know one is watching (literally!).

-Have a girls night. Drink wine, sing and talk all night long.

-Bake a cake that you have wanted to cook for ages and share it with your friends or family.

This is me, prior to a fun girls night, dressed up to go nowhere. We danced in the study to YouTube all night long, being girls. This made me so happy and released a lot of stress.

Me and my sister, dressed up as fairies at the enchanted party I threw for my girlfriends. Best night ever!

If you’ve tried everything and your still left feeling like blah, that’s okay. Sometimes we need these moments in life. One day I might feel really low, but the next day I come back even better than I was. We live, we learn and we grow. Always remember it is certainly okay not to be okay, and if your unhappiness is becoming a reoccurring problem in your life, talk to a friend or counselor.

What are the things that boost your mood? Share in the comments below!

  • Such a great list! I’m pretty sure today is a bake a cake kind of day. :]


  • Liz

    i love these ideas!!

  • Yes girl Nicki Minaj totally owns it! Me and my sisters and friends always dance to her we love her haha your welcome and thank you babe ?

  • Lia Be

    What great ideas especially the pink wig. When I saw that I instantly thought of pink and Nicki minaj and both of them are slaying the game.
    I love all the tips and will use them very soon. Thank you again for a great post ???