Coffee And Chat: April

Coffee And Chat: April

Welcome back to this new corner of my blog, which I share what’s been happening in my world and what I’m loving April edition. I absolutely cannot believe its been a month since I shared March’s coffee and chat. I have just been so busy lately with a full time job, writing blog posts, social media channels, taking photographs and on top of it all, just living my life. But you know what? I absolutely love my life, I am SO lucky with what I have, and I am so blessed with the people I can call my friends and family. I am also secretly blushing that more and more people are interested in reading my blog and the things I share. Grab yourself a coffee and have a peek at what else has been happening in my world.

I am reading: The Scent Of You by Maggie Alderson. I honestly haven’t started this book yet as I purchased it today. (It’s been in my brains secret shopping list since eyeing it off in Kmart). It is about a perfume blogger Polly, who’s life takes a twisting turn when her husband takes off, whilst her children are away at Uni. She keeps herself occupied with the heady world of luxury perfume, and makes new friends, but eventually has to face reality and confront difficult truths, about her husband, herself and who she really wants to be. I cannot wait to dive into this book before bed tonight!

I am watching: 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. Who isn’t? This show leaves you feeling flat and a bit sad, but it is so touching and a harsh reality into the world of being a teen and going to High School. A girl who commits suicide leaves behind cassette tapes who are taped for a selection of other students who lead her into her own death. A show every young person should watch to learn the truth about your words and actions towards other people. Just be nice!

I am creating: A new side to my blog, which is self care and lifestyle advice for other bloggers. I’ve always felt my purpose in life is to shed some light and inspire other people, so I am creating an online space, which is calming and peaceful space for other bloggers like me. If you are a blogger yourself, check it out here, and follow its very own Instagram page here. (Anyone who loves pink and pretty flat lays will adore it!).

I am dreaming about: Living a simple life one day. Working at home full time on this blog, cooking for my partner, hanging out with our pets, reading a new novel once a week and playing The Sims in my spare time.

I am quoting: “Be an individual, let out the self that hides away at the expense of others approval”- Nikki Rowe. I can relate to this SO much. I grew up very timid and also very careful of showing my true character because I was scared of what people thought of me. I am still working on this, I know a have a long way to go but I am so different to what I use to be like. This blog has helped my confidence so much, so I cannot thank you enough for reading my posts and interacting with me on my social media channels.

I am appreciating:My brand new, exciting and absolutely PERFECT logo for my blog. It was illustrated by the lovely and talented Katie from Katie Moon Illustration. If you know me personally, you will just be in awe of how much it is like me. And if you haven’t met me, looking at it will take you straight into my world.

I am admiring: My best friend, Hannah Smoorenburg’s recent newfound journey of health and fitness. She has changed the way she eats, moves and thinks! She has lost weight and I can only imagine how good she is feeling. It takes me back to the beginning of my health journey. All of a sudden you care about what you put on your plate and a light bulb switches on and your mind blows up with positive thoughts, hundreds of new goals and the mindset that you can actually achieve anything. She will do great things in her life, I know it.

Thank you again for taking the time of your day to visit my blog, it means the world. Hope you all had a great Easter spent with your loved ones. Until next months coffee and chat. x

What has been the highlight of April for you? Comment below!

  • Thanks lovely 🙂 yes it feels good inside knowing I’m helping at least one person who visits my blog x all the best

  • Aw glad to hear I’m not the only one. Your welcome lovely x

  • Yes it’s just crazy how accurate it is. I am so thankful I never went through anything like that. Thanks so much x

  • Sure was 🙂 so sad but x

  • So far the book is great! I can’t put it down 🙂
    And no I haven’t read the book on 13 reasons why, it sounds good though, I’m sure it’s better than the series? Xx

  • That book sounds really interesting. And I’m watching 13 Reasons Why too! It’s so hard to watch, but so, so good. Have you read the book? It’s been one of my faves since I first read it years ago.

  • Yep everyone is watching 13 Reasons Why! I liked it, it’s definitely one of those things everyone NEEDS to see to bring awareness to suicide. And I LOVE your new blog logo! It’s gorgeous!

  • Christa Stull

    I love your positivity! I have the some of the same goals as you, to inspire and bring hope to others.