Coming Out Of Your Spiritual Closet: Guide For Newbies

Coming Out Of Your Spiritual Closet: Guide For Newbies

The day that I came out of my spiritual closet, was the day that changed my life forever. Growing up shy and self-conscious, I was always afraid to speak up, speak out and showcase the girl (who I am today) that was waiting inside yearning to live life mindfully and truthfully.

I was so blocked by many things, internally and externally, that I couldn’t see the path ahead. My very own path. I always use to think that I would forever just be the girl who never talks, the girl who never goes out of her comfort zone, the girl who never quite ‘fit in’ with the loud and confident people.

I was never supposed to fit in with those people. All along, I was meant for the bigger and eternal spiritual experience, which, anyone can experience themselves, but is often stereotyped as being weird.

I have found myself, and what I want in life, by coming out of the spiritual closet. I have found things greater than I ever thought possible.

I found out how to accept the things that make up me, which I hid away for so long. I am also proud to say that I have also helped other people become inspired.

Anyone can live a more spiritual life, but people often ask me what to do, and can be overwhelmed with all of the practices and activities. Here is an easy guide for you to help you begin your spiritual journey.

Step By Step Spiritual Goddess Guide


Meditation is something that is viewed by differently by each person, and I have trouble trying to explain it myself. But has summed it up perfectly: “An ordinary person may consider meditation as a worship or prayer. But it is not so. Meditation means awareness. Whatever you do with awareness is meditation. “Watching your breath” is meditation; listening to the birds is meditation. As long as these activities are free from any other distraction to the mind, it is effective meditation”.

Practicing meditation as little as 10 minutes a day makes a huge difference to me. I admit I don’t do it as much as I use to, but when I do it is so peaceful. I have always been the person who loves silence. Sometimes, when my girlfriends and I have a few wines, they ask me to do an angel card reading with them. Sometimes before I start, I ask them to close their eyes and just be silent for a minute. By doing this, they say it makes a huge difference. If you’re having trouble meditating by yourself, go on YouTube or Google “Guided Meditations”. There are also tons of mobile apps which provide them as well.


Mantras are statements or slogans that are repeated numerous times a day. They are most commonly three-word sentences. Having your own mantras can help you with your relationship with yourself, and also with others.

You can either stand in front of the mirror, write them down in your journal or include them in your meditations. Here are some mantras that I use to, or still use now:

★ “I am beautiful. My acne does not define me as a person”.

★ “I don’t need to be loud to be heard. I hear myself”.

★ “I am loved”.

★ “I will accept my loved ones for who they are”.

★ “Know one can take away my inner peace”.

★ “I dream, I believe, I receive”.

Self Help Books

Growing up, the way movies described “self-help” books made me think that it is embarrassing and wrong to be in the self-help section. But I’m happy to say that the well-being industry is increasing more than ever now, and the self-help section of the bookstore is booming. (If you’ve always wanted to write an inspiring book, the time to do it is now!).

There is almost a book for everything: cooking healthy, yoga, confidence, building your business, changing your mindset, meditation, and so much more. After reading Light Is The New Black by Rebecca Campbell, I was touched and inspired. That was the book that made me come out of the spiritual closet and not be ashamed of being different. There are now hundreds of women who have been inspired by her book.

Start off by purchasing one self-help book, and let it change your life- seriously!


There are thousands of naturally occurring crystals on the planet, and many are used to heal and balance your energy, imbalances, emotions and negative thoughts. You can place them on your body, palm or around the house.

You can even put them in water overnight and make ‘crystal water’. The easiest way to start using them is to use them in your meditations and wear them during the day as jewellery. Like all things, crystals need to be cleansed and purified. The best way to cleanse your crystals is to rinse them with cold water and place them in a bowl and leave them out during the night of a full moon. My favorite ones to use are amethyst, rose quartz, opalite, clear quartz and selenite.

Angel Cards

Angel cards are an ancient practice in which you use oracle cards to help you connect with spiritual beings and angels. They also show you clear guidance on your current life path. The most common way is to get your cards read by a professional angel card reader. But you can also buy your own deck and read your own cards.

By reading a card that is randomly chosen, you can receive answers, guidance and an overview of the many questions you are wondering about your life, purpose, relationship with others and happiness. My friends love it when I read them their cards, which was a popular activity at my fairy party.

Some days, the cards I chose myself can be off, but most times, they can give you just what you need to hear at the time. At the end of each reading with myself, I write down the messages I receive. This helps me down the track when I’m feeling a bit lost and unhappy.

Relationship With Yourself

Coming out of your spiritual closet, means one of the most important things you focus on is the relationship you have with yourself.

There is no right way to achieve this.

You need to go in your own pursuit of happiness. Know one can give it to you but yourself. It can be taught to you, but you need to perceive it in your own way. All of the practices I have mentioned above have tremendously helped me on my path of finding myself and living a spiritual life.

If there’s something missing in your life, something yearning to come out deep inside, something that has been on your mind for a long time, but you are afraid to let it out, coming out of the spiritual closet can help you find it, release it and embrace it. I use to be so closed up and afraid of it. But life’s too short to live in fear and regret.

Good luck on your spiritual endeavor, you will never look back.



  • Thank you for this marvelous post. Spirituality is very important to me. I am not a religious person but I am very spiritual.

  • Kate Minor

    You mention lots of important stuff here! One of my favorite books that has really helped me in my journey is Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. It really helped me understand myself and others better.