Goal Setbacks + How To Overcome Them

Goal Setbacks + How To Overcome Them

Goals. Setbacks. Motivation. Fear. We all have them. Some days more than others. But sometimes we don’t act upon our setbacks. We just let them be. Let them stop us. Let them choose us. Let them define our lives.

Not anymore.

Today I’m going to share with you common setbacks that stop us from achieving our goals. 

Before reading this, I want you to have your journal or a notebook on hand. You will most likely find yourself with the realization that one or all of these may be affecting your goals. Write down anything that comes to mind relating to your setbacks.

Mess And Clutter

I’ve said this before and I will say it again: you need to make room for the good things you want to attract in your life, by getting rid of what no longer serves you.

Do you ever get so caught up in trying to achieve everything that is on your “list” that you don’t make the time to clean or regulatory de-clutter? Or perhaps there are belongings in your room or house that you are holding onto but in reality, you have outgrown it?

Getting rid of something in your life that no longer serves you is a powerful reminder that a part of you has grown, for the better. 

How To Overcome This:

  • Give your house a massive spring clean in all rooms and outside. Cleanse the space with sage smudging sticks afterward.
  • Give away old furniture, clothes, books, DVDs, and electronics to friends, family or the Salvos/Op Shops (also known as thrift shops).
  • Go through your old schoolbooks, journal entries, notes and reminders and throw away all the stuff that no longer has any value to you. Even journal entries (it’s a great feeling!).
  • Digital detox: delete old pictures, screenshots, notes, contacts, and music. Also, unfollow anyone on social media that you no longer align with. The other day my friend told me you could ‘unfollow’ somebodies feed/page on Facebook but still be friends with them. (To do this: go to settings; news feed preferences; unfollow people to hide their posts; click the people you wish to unfollow; click done).  My Facebook feed is longer cluttered with garbage- yay!

After a massive de-clutter of your life, you will feel a lot better. Your head will be clearer, therefore you will be way more motivated. Achieving goals will be much easier for you.

Built Up Emotions

Ahhh, the many emotions that we lock up inside ourselves.

Yes- I’m going there with you today.

Because perhaps you’ve been hiding them? Tried to forget about it all? Brushing them off because you might think it’s unimportant.

But let me tell you- it can be important later in life.

We have so many experiences that have scarred us as a younger child that we let them affect us. We let these emotions and experiences affect our mood, everyday choices and social interactions and you may not even know it.

(Heck, I’m writing this now realizing that there are so many things that I need to dig up and face in order to move on in my life).

Maybe you’re destined to do great things, but you don’t let yourself because of that ‘one thing’. I believe you can do great things, but first of all, let’s face our emotions.

How To Overcome This:

  • Write a letter to all of the people who have affected you in your life in a negative way. Maybe it’s an ex-boyfriend, or it could be the girl in fifth grade who pushed you over in the playground. Let out all your emotions. Write down the way it made you feel and why. Once you complete this wait until a full moon and burn the letter and do a full moon meditation.
  • Write a letter to your younger self. Forgive yourself for all the heartache you have given yourself. Bringing yourself down, telling yourself you were unworthy and ugly, and could never be like ‘them’. Let it alll out. Tell yourself all the things about yourself and your life that you love. If you wish to burn this letter, also burn during a full moon meditation, or keep it in your draw/journal to look back on a bad day you may be having.
  • Talk to someone you trust and can ‘vent’ to and open up about everything over a cuppa or wine. It will feel much better, and the other person may vent about things that are affecting them as well.
  • Seek professional help: counseling or a phycologist.

By facing our emotions, we will heal parts of ourselves that have been scarred for a very long time. Your heart will open up to many more things, including dreams, goals and your ultimate desires.

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Lifestyle Factors

A huge factor to look at when figuring out what’s stopping you from reaching your goals is to ask yourself these following questions in regards to your lifestyle:

  1. Am I unhappy in my career, home, and relationships? 
  2. Do I have any habits that are stopping me from achieving my goals?
  3. Does my current lifestyle make me drained all the time?
  4. Do I have anyone in my life bringing my energy down?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, they may be your downfall. When I was going through my acne healing, I was blinded by my lifestyle affecting my skin so much. At the time when it was really inflamed, I was living in the city on a busy road and working in a fast paced hospitality job. I was stressed, drained and my environment was doing nothing for me in regards to my healing and stress relief. I finally changed jobs to working in a health foods store and moving down to the coast, living 5 minutes away from the beach. This was one of the best things I did for myself and it helped me achieve my goal of clear skin even more.

How To Overcome This:

  • If you answered yes to any of the questions, grab your journal and write down why these certain things may be holding you back from your goals. Brainstorm and have a think about it for as long as you need. Find some time for self to really listen within.
  • Talk to someone you trust about your current lifestyle, and ask for advice or help in changing any of these things. It takes a lot of courage to make choices based on your lifestyle, but if it is for your own good, then it is so worth it.
  • Remember that small steps to your happiest self are okay. Do what you can and don’t overwhelm yourself.


For a lot of us, fear is the number one thing that holds people back from doing anything they want to do. But maybe fear is the one thing that can set us free? Facing your fears head on and overcoming them can make your life turn around in one moment.

Are you holding back because of fear?

Are you living day by day in a ‘safe’ and ‘average’ way?

I have achieved a lot of things and learned things about myself because I overcame my own fears. If you’ve gotten to know me already, you may have learned that I use to be a very shy person and I held back from a lot of things. I grew up thinking I would always be the quiet one, hiding behind my shadow of fear and doubt.

If I can overcome my fears, I think that you can too. The fact that I wrote this blog post teaching you how to overcome goal setbacks just shows that the other side of fear is possible. It won’t be easy but it’s achievable.

How To Overcome This:

  • Let go of the feeling of caring what people may think. Just know that everyone around you has their own fears and struggles, and they will most likely have no clue that you may be scared, and a lot of people may surprise you and be supportive and congratulate you. The people who aren’t supportive are obviously the people you don’t need in your life.
  • Let go of the feeling of expectation. We bring ourselves down too much because we have this perfect goal in our head that we need to achieve in a certain amount of time. Don’t expect too much, and let life surprise you.
  • Take action– start walking the path of your goals. Take baby steps in overcoming fear and sooner or later you will start to overcome fear more easily each time.

After darkness comes light. After setbacks come success.

May you follow your heart always and be healed by the love and light within yourself.

  • Yeah, cheers to you too<3 🙂

  • Thanks so much Merita. I hope it can help 🙂 I have learned from past experiences and enjoyed writing this post a lot. Blessings for the holidays and New Year- love and light xx

  • oh peta, these tips spoke to my soul. i’m stuck with so much anxiety and traumas right now. and i’m gonna follow these tips to let it all out :’) <3 thank u so much and love ur channel.