How I Cleared My Acne Part 1

How I Cleared My Acne Part 1

“I am being healthy because I want to clear my acne naturally” was a secret that I had kept for a long time.

For over a year, it took me a while to say the word ‘acne’ out loud without feeling embarrassed. I became insecure and suffered from ‘skin anxiety’. The acne that had appeared on my cheeks, chin and jawline would appear red and inflamed. They weren’t just your average ‘zits’, I had cysts that would take what it seems like forever to disappear, only to come back with more vengeance. Every morning I would look straight in the mirror and hope for a miracle.

And this is only the beginning of what it feels like to have adult acne.


In my case, it was acne that was the symptom of PCOS and Leaky Gut Syndrome. So very, very stubborn acne that took two years to clear up.

If only I had known then what I learned now.

I had tried countless cleansers, creams and serums that would work for a few weeks, but then I would always be left right where I started. I even bought a ‘special’ cleanser from America that had great reviews, only to be left with a rash on my face. At this point I was hoping for anything, especially a ‘quick’ fix. When I was at the doctors and had just been diagnosed with PCOS, I decided to go on the pill with high hopes and a promise that my skin would clear up.

Six months later, there was no change.

In fact, my skin was worse.

At this point, I was feeling really depressed. “Why can’t it just clear?”, I would cry to myself in front of the mirror and in the shower.

Looking for more answers, while I was endlessly browsing the internet and reading books, I came across two major insights that had a huge impact on why I was breaking out in huge cysts.


Diet, nutrition and lifestyle play a huge role in why your breaking out. Over time, your bad habits aren’t doing your skin a favour. Poor diet, partying, stress and not exercising will show on your skin; well for most of us anyway. Your body is trying to tell you something! Too often we just want to heal our problems with a quick fix when really it is something we need to look into and listen to what our bodies are telling us.

The birth control pill is just a ‘band aid’ fix. It actually eats up all of the ‘good bacteria’ in your stomach which makes it harder for your digestive system to absorb the right nutrients as all the ‘bad bugs’ are eating the good nutrients which are vital in healing your skin. When you take birth control pills, you are releasing synthetic hormones on your natural cycle, which is just like ‘freezing’ your hormones. You wonder why your hormones go a bit crazy when you stop taking the birth control pill.

These two factors played a huge role on why I was breaking out, the reason why my skin got worse is because the pill imbalanced my hormones and left my stomach with  ‘leaky gut syndrome’. For those who do not know what that is, to explain it simply, it is like having holes in your stomach lining. It basically makes all bad food and drinks leak into your blood system; which then causes inflammation.

This is something I had learnt from seeing a naturopath, something I did straight away after learning the not so good side effects of the pill.

After learning all of this, I completely changed my life around for the better. I cut out all the bad foods and beverages and added all the healing and nourishing foods which I was never consuming in my diet.

My outlook on life and food changed for the better.


Within a few months, I had noticed a little difference in my acne. But it had not completely cleared up. I still suffered from painful, inflamed cysts. But I was so passionate about healing my acne the natural way I did not want to give up without a good fight.

I had kept up this ‘natural’ route to clear my acne, but then it had been a year and I did not get the results that I had wished for every night. At this point I was still suffering from ‘skin anxiety’ and was obsessing over everything I put into my body. I tried many different diets; gluten free, paleo and even sugar free.

I had hoped for a miracle at this point. I was almost ready to give up, and try another birth control pill.


While I was seeing a spiritual counsellor, I thought why not, there’s no harm in asking for answers. Maybe the spirit guides and angels could help me I wondered.

So I asked, “Is there anything you can tell me about my skin?”, and she said “No, but for some reason this lady has appeared into my mind, I don’t have her business card but here’s her mobile number”. She described her as a ‘skin’ healer. The next day I called her.

Martine is an advanced beauty therapist, with over 30 years experience in the health and beauty industry, including Reiki Master. A firm advocate to being healthy in mind, body and soul, she practices yoga, belly dancing, organic cooking and spiritual development and living a balanced lifestyle. She isn’t just a ‘beauty therapist’, she offers beauty and healing with love and soul. Exactly what I needed at this stage.

“I have a good feeling about this”, I said after one of my first sessions with her.

I was doing the right thing by healing my body from the inside, but Martine helped my skin on the outside. She wanted to help clear my acne just as much as I wanted it. Every week, she would check in and ask how my skin was going and ask about my diet and recommend great tips for skin clearing.


This encouraged me to keep going with my natural acne healing journey. Martine had motivated me to not give up. So I kept researching.

“Why don’t I focus on my leaky gut rather than my PCOS and imbalanced hormones?”

If only I had asked myself this at the beginning.

All of the pointless diets, cleansers, pills and tears I would of saved by treating my leaky gut first, and then my imbalanced hormones.

I did hours of researching into leaky gut and the next day followed the appropriate steps to healing leaky gut naturally with the encouragement of gut-loving foods and good quality probiotics and other supplements that heal digestive disturbances. Within a few weeks, the inflammation went down drastically. And a few months later, I was only getting one spot here and there every few weeks. Although I am left with scarring and the occasional breakout, its safe to say I am free of my stubborn adult acne. My periods are regular and my hormones are able to balance now that I was absorbing the right nutrients correctly. I am currently getting treatments such as LED light treatments and peels that help cell turnover to heal my acne scars with Martine.


  • Treat your gut health first, and your body will soon balance. Everything is linked to your gut.
  • You are a result of your lifestyle. Stress was a major trigger in the inflammation in my body which caused acne. I was working in hospitality and living in the city, during this point in my life, I changed jobs and moved to a coastal town near the ocean.
  • Food is your medicine. Never forget that. Having the right diet will encourage your body to function better and promote healing responses. Eating plenty of anti-inflammatory foods helped my digestion and hormone imbalances.
  • Going green! Swapping my skincare, make-up and household items free of toxins and chemicals had a big impact in the encouragement of healing of my skin.

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I don’t wish acne upon anyone, and for anyone who is experiencing it, your not alone. I know how you feel.

If I hadn’t experienced this I wouldn’t of changed my life around for the better.

I probably wouldn’t of looked into my health and ignored it with quick fixes, I wouldn’t of changed industries and I wouldn’t of even created this blog. I found my passion in the journey of clearing my skin. I formed a connection with my ‘soul’ again.

The pill temporally fixes the problem of acne but it wont fix the underlying issue in your body. I strongly recommend seeing a naturopath who will determine the underlying issues that your having problems with.  Not only is my skin clearer, but I am much more positive and I have more energy.

If your experiencing acne, listen to your body. Have a look at where your breaking out and why. Seek help from a professional.


Although I am still left with acne scars, I will be forever grateful what this experience has taught me. And my goal is to help others in this similar situation.

If you were just like me, searching the internet for endless acne cures, don’t give up just yet. The reason you may be breaking out may be so simple and can be treated naturally.




Beauty Therapist: Martine Renwick