Identity: Finding The Light Inside Yourself

Identity: Finding The Light Inside Yourself

Growing up I was a shy and timid person, and that haunt me until my early 20’s.

That lack of confidence or inner critic following my mind and influencing my actions. That feeling of your voice going numb, not being able to really say what’s what on your mind. Closing up like a shell around the people who’s energies are too high for the fear that you will be disliked or judged.

Luckily, my flower has blossomed and I’ve found the inner confident person that was hiding behind the shadows, afraid of the light.

Let me tell you; when you find YOUR light, your magic turns on and there is suddenly nothing of yourself to be afraid of showing anymore.

Your ‘light’ may be different to others perception of ‘light’. It’s okay to be different. It’s okay to be limited edition. Stop hiding in your shell and start showcasing your uniqueness.

When I was suddenly interested in the health and well being lifestyle, I was introduced to a lot of different tribes. And I went through a lot of different phases which I thought was ‘me’. I was trying to follow lifestyles that weren’t me. At the end of the day, I wasn’t happy.

What makes me happy is my own way of life.

Eating the foods that feel right for ME, not for a certain diet. Choosing to exercise to release my happy endorphin’s, not just to lose weight. Dressing up and having a glass of wine one day, and stretching in my track-pants and drinking carrot juice the next.

As soon as I learned what I really enjoyed, and what really was ME, I found freedom and my real version of happiness. I created my own menu. One that works for me.

Have you found your right menu? Does everything on your menu cater to your individual needs and wishes? Is there anything on your menu that you dislike, or makes you feel sick? If so, it might be time to fill your menu up with the things that showcase your REAL identity. The things that make your flower blossom. The things that remove you from your shell. Although many beautiful people in your life may influence your inner flower to bloom, it is the person inside you that encourages the flower to bloom. Find your bloom. Find your inner seed waiting to grow. Don’t listen to people telling you how you should live, or be. What makes you unique? What are the things you love about yourself but are afraid to show? What are the quirky things your loved ones like about you?

Embrace your uniqueness.

Be the person that you are when you sing in the car.

Find your passion.

Create your own journey. 

Go on, find yourself.