My Health Journey + What I’ve Learned So Far

My Health Journey + What I’ve Learned So Far

A few years ago, I was getting through life without knowing that there is so much more to it and that I could be a lot happier with a clearer mind and better functioning body. The day I started walking in the direction of my health journey has been one of the most impactful days and insightful journeys of my life.

I’ve learned things about myself I never may have realized without feeling good inside. I’ve learned many things about living a better life physically and emotionally. I’ve now learned different ways to share this wonderful advice with like-minded people through this blog, videos, and social media.

How wonderful and happy it feels knowing that.

Reflecting can be a powerful tool to dive deep into what’s happened, why it’s happened and what you’ve learned from it.

It all began when my life turned upside down emotionally the day I realized I had acne again.


This has to be one of my most significant moments of my health journey so far. If you missed it, I shared my story about how I cleared my cystic acne naturally without the pill. It took me a long time and it consumed so much of my life emotionally. But I finally healed it and I’m very happy to say that it’s all behind me now, only leaving lessons behind, one of those lessons has opened up my eyes to the wonderful world of healthy living.

Hormonal Imbalances

One of the reasons why I was breaking out was because my hormones had an imbalance. I found out that one of my ovaries was polycystic. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is common in women, and one of the scary side effects can be infertility. Sadly, there are a lot of women all over the world who can’t conceive because of this.

One of the causes of my PCOS was being on the pill for so long. If you don’t know the side effects from the pill, read this article here. I didn’t get my period for a year, and then when it came, it would last two weeks or two days.

Hormonal imbalances have a huge impact on our health emotionally and physically. Some of the most common problems caused by hormonal imbalance are weight gain, mood swings, anxiety, headaches, sugar cravings, acne and premenopausal symptoms.

Leaky Gut

Another cause of my acne was from a digestive disorder you may not have ever heard of: Leaky Gut Syndrome. To explain it easily, the walls of your digestive lining form holes, and when you eat foods- they leak through the holes into our bloodstreams, causing inflammation. If you have inflammation in your body, your problems only get worse.

As soon as I focused on my gut health, I was able to digest food and absorb nutrients properly, therefore balancing out my hormones. I explained how I healed my leaky gut properly in part two of how I cleared my acne blog post.

Having a lot of dedication and motivation, I was able to heal these unpleasant disorders by living a healthy lifestyle, and practicing mindfulness.


My first ever photograph taken when I made the decision to start a blog. After changing my lifestyle, my sister Genevieve suggested I start a blog. I will never forget the day she said to me, “Your so inspirational Peta, why don’t you start a blog?”. Life changing moment. My blog used to be called ‘Health E Hack’. A few years in, I decided to change the name back to my own name.


This is what my Instagram feed use to look like when I started documenting my health journey. I use to follow a strict paleo diet, in the hopes to clear my acne. Back then I wasn’t focusing on my ‘gut’ health, but I did feel on top of the world. You truly feel amazing when you cut down on processed foods, alcohol, dairy and refined sugar.


The herbal tea brew that I use to drink morning and night. I would buy all the organic herbs separately and make a decoction of all kinds of herbs. The tea would then sit in my fridge infusing even more. I would normally make a batch once a week. I would really like to drink this again one day but I just lack finding the time to do it anymore.


A great moment of joy after moving to a coastal town and getting a job at a health foods store (which I’m still currently working at). Since working in one, I have learned so much more information, and I’m still learning.


On new years day 2017, I posted this photo of myself and my friend, and I captained it as “2017 goals…to vibrate higher”.


I definitely think I have vibrated higher.


-There are a lot of health ambassadors, that may not necessarily have a degree in the health profession, but they are still promoting ways of living, do’s and dont’s, etc. It’s important that you don’t get caught up too much. What works for one person may not work for others. Some people feel great from eating green juices and plant foods, and others feel great from eating carbs and fats. It’s important to listen to your body after you have eaten something: has it nourished my body? Am I satisfied? Does it make me feel bloated? Eat what feels good for YOU.

-No matter how much healthy foods you are eating, when you’re stressed– you don’t absorb nutrients properly from them. It’s a vicious cycle so it’s very important to take care of your mental health. Have a look at your lifestyle; is it serving you properly? Are you really happy? Do you take the time out that you need for your soul?

-Stress can wreak havoc on your body, as well as influencing you to make poor diet choices, which then doesn’t help with how your body copes with stress; the better nourished you are, the better you are able to cope with stress when you are in ‘fight or flight’ mode.

-Making healthier choices in your diet and lifestyle today will determine how you will feel tomorrow. Eat junk and you will feel like junk. Take care of your body and your body will take care of you.

-I always remind my friends and family, but make sure you drink your water– I really mean it. Try and make a conscious effort to keep yourself hydrated. By drinking more water you will have more energy, a better mood, clearer skin, improved weight loss and SO much more.

-The best snacks to keep me going throughout the day is fruit, nuts, vegetable dips, organic bars, organic cold-pressed juices, green/herbal teas, and smoothies.

-Decluttering your home and workspace can do wonders for your mental health. Whenever I’m stuck, not motivated or lost, I realize that my house and bedroom need cleaning and clearing. This makes more room in our lives for the good things.

-Sometimes you may feel the need to push others in the direction of eating better and exercising more, but no matter how hard you try, it’s up to your loved ones to help themselves. It might feel irritating when they don’t listen to you. Instead of getting angry about it just remind yourself that you have planted a seed that one day may grow inside them.

Whatever journey you’re on to making yourself a healthier person, remember not too try too hard and overdo it all in the same go. Take time and be patient with your body. Just like a flower who needs to blossom; let your body adjust, flow with the changes and always vibrate higher.


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