My Night Routine After A Draining Day

My Night Routine After A Draining Day

We all have those draining days. Whether it’s from a lack of a good nights sleep, it’s your busiest day of the week, you deal with a negative person, or you have made a bad food choice leaving you feeling sick. These events may leave us feeling depleted, irritable, burned out and weary. From time to time, no matter how much of an optimistic I try to be, I have these days, and my energy gets zapped. I think to myself, “I can’t wait to go home!”. This is because I’ve got a special night routine that makes me feeling worn out to fresh in no time.

Relaxing Music

The first thing I will do in my night routine is put on New Age music, such as sounds of nature, birds, waterfalls, flutes, rain, etc that is healing and soothing to the mind and soul. There is tons of playlists and albums on Itunes Music Store, if you search “Meditation Music”. I have a huge playlist that I’ve saved on my phone which has all types of relaxing music. Sometimes I even play it in the car on the way home.

Sage Smudging

You’ve probably only heard of sage smudging sticks to clean out negative auras from your house, but sage is also a great cleanser for animals, objects and ourselves. In a heat proof bowl with windows open, or outside, I will bend over and waft the smoke upwards slowly straightening up my body, finishing off with wafting it around my face. If there’s enough sage leftover that is still burning, use it around your house. It helps to also take a few minutes to imagine all of the negative feelings and emotions releasing.


Ever go on a hike to a waterfall only to chase that sound of instant calmness after hearing the sound of the water dropping? Relive this moment in your shower. After washing, for a minute just stand there, close your eyes and “feel” all of the negative emotions and energy disappearing when the water drops. I love that fresh, squeaky clean feeling after a shower.

Essential Oils

After showering, I love to use aromatherapy to relax. I have diffusers, candles, wax melts and incense. I pick my favorite relaxing scent and fill my bedroom and/or the house and I also pick an essential oil and rub it on my body. My favorite essential oil combination is diffusing Lavender in the room and rubbing Clary Sage on my body. My favorite brand is Springfields, as their products are affordable yet still great quality.

Being Alone

This may not apply to everyone, but growing up, I’ve always felt the need to just be alone with my own thoughts. As I am growing up, I need it even more, as we are much more sensitive and exposed to human interaction and behavior, compared to being a care-free kid. I am a shy person, so I have always been the quiet one, so this means I have to listen to other people even more, and absorb their energy. Being alone even just for half an hour per day, lets me go back and listen within.

Going To Bed Early

So many of us are lacking sleep due to our modern world and lifestyles. You might not need to sage smudge and put relaxing music on, you may just need a good nights sleep. If you’ve had one of these draining days, go to bed an hour earlier than you usually do, and I promise it will do wonders for your mind and body.

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Do you have any of your own night rituals after a long day? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

  • Hannah Palamara

    Music and having some alone time work wonders for me!

  • This sounds amazing! I definitely need to take some “me” time


  • Yes I also have a bath that I sometimes use, but probably should more! ♥

  • It is the BEST isn’t it?! ♥

  • Yes, it’s difficult to sometimes discuss your interests with friends who don’t want to hear it, but there is a HUGE bloggers community out there who are so friendly and understanding and easy to chat to. Email me anytime if you would like a chat ♥

  • Kristina Wiggins

    Its so important to take the time to relax and unwind! I know I can’t get a restful night if somethings bothering me. I too turn to similar methods that allow me to calm myself and let go. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • kelly

    I love essential oils! Definitely a big part of my night routine as well!

  • I need a lot of alone time also. I am always thinking of recipes for my blog, and many people I know would rather not talk about my blog, because they aren’t foodies like I am.

  • Sarah Jean

    I love a relaxing shower after a long day!

  • That sounds like the perfect way to destress! My depressing always ends with a nice soak in my tub. Showers are quick for me, but a tub and essencial oil defuser.

  • Such a good routine!!

    Sabrina | Gypsy Tan