Positive Affirmations For The Mid Year | Motivation + Money + More

Positive Affirmations For The Mid Year | Motivation + Money + More

Do you wake up one morning and feel so motivated about something you want to achieve or bring into your life only a week later lose your spark for it? Or does your life get in the way of a new years resolution goal you set for yourself?

Let me tell you, your not the only one! I am the kind of person to get myself into something that I don’t finish or get frustrated if it’s not happening sooner than I thought.  Two years ago, I was at my peak of motivation, but then I lost it, that ‘magic’.

Recently I have changed my mindset, and have started the wonderful art of manifestation. The beautiful thing about it is you decide what you want in your life and simply just BELIEVE it. An easy way to do this is by practicing positive affirmations daily.


  • Say them in front of the mirror out loud.
  • Say them in your mind, and keep repeating.
  • Write them down in your journal and look back at them whenever your feeling low.
  • Write them down on a piece of paper, to put in a manifestation box.

It might sound strange to say it out loud, but be open to it. If your like me, you might prefer to write it down.


“My motivation is buried inside me but today I chose to unleash it”

“I shall never quit. I will always have my own magic to give me power”

“I am so strong. I am so hard working. I am so motivated”



“Money comes to me frequently because I work hard”

“I chose to receive more money in my life”

“Money is always coming to me”



“I give out love, and love comes back to me”

“I am ready for love, and will receive it at the right time”

“Love is always present in my life and more love is coming”



“The things I truly desire are on their way into my life”

“My dreams are slowly turning into reality”

“I dream. I believe. I receive”


At the beginning of 2017, that was when I decided this year would be different. I was emotionally ready for bigger things in my life. I came up with an affirmation for the new year which may help you on your own journey to greatness.


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