Real Things I’ve Learned About Self Love

Real Things I’ve Learned About Self Love

Self love is probably the most common topic discussed in the ‘self help’ and ‘self awareness’ world these days. With today’s modern world, it’s getting harder and harder to seek the love and approval of ourselves.

It’s something that is constantly on my mind. Whether I’m aware of it or not. I am always seeking more knowledge on how to love myself more. I think about it every day. I think that you might too.

Although I can’t say that I love and accept myself 100% (although I am working on it), but maybe self-love means accepting the fact that we can’t fully love ourselves at every minute, every hour of the day.

On today’s blog post, I’m here to share with you some real things that I have learned about self-love.

Self love isn’t just about your self-esteem and how good you feel about your looks/body. It’s everything. The way you treat yourself. The things you put in your body. The life you choose to live. The people you choose to have in your life. The boundaries you set for yourself. It’s amazing how much happier we will feel about ourselves when everything else is in balance.

-There will never be a ‘final destination’ for self love. You are constantly growing and evolving and what makes you happy and feel good can always change. Look out for the signs. In this very moment, ask yourself- Am I happy? Are there things I need to detach from that make me feel unhappy?

Your mind and your thoughts are affecting the way you see the world, and the way you see yourself. I know it’s hard, but try to find your happy thoughts as much as possible. Sit down somewhere quiet, stop, breathe and let yourself think. Stop the chatter of the outside world, and get to know yourself more.

The one thing that sets you apart from everyone, the things that make you unique and rare– the things you hide away from everyone; may be just the thing to set you free, and to live a life you love and makes you appreciate yourself more.

-Some people don’t even know themselves much at all. They haven’t even yet discovered their inner beauty. But I think there’s always one day, or one moment, that makes us just ‘light up’, or ‘awaken’. We kind of just click and realize how we really should be living. If you don’t really know much about your purpose and yourself; go explore, open your mind wider and make more connections around the world, I’m sure you will discover a bit more about yourself.

-There’s always a low point for everyone. The time in their lives where they feel like they can’t get out of it. Where they feel stuck. But it’s never too late to get out of this destroying cycle. I have witnessed beautiful transformations. Every morning you wake up, you can decide to change it. You can decide to start loving you; mind, body, and soul.

One day at a time ♥

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