Shiny + Luscious Hair Bible

Shiny + Luscious Hair Bible

A good hair day makes us feel attractive and positive, and ready to take on anything! Over the years I have learnt a few hair rules which I’ve added to the bible, and also thrown in some natural ways to make it look luscious and thick, including a hair mask recipe. Most of us neglect taking proper care of our hair, and may not realize a few easy changes can make a huge difference. Your one step closer to luscious hair…


1. Shampoo your roots, not ends; focus on massaging a nourishing shampoo into your scalp to help with circulation and to detoxify your scalp, which will prevent damage in the future.

2. Only use conditioner on the end of your hair shafts; as this is the oldest and most damaged part of our locks which need extra nourishment, and to prevent split and damaged ends. I use a conditioner which contains Argan oil; it contains Vitamin E and fatty acids which helps to hydrate and soften your locks.

3. Use a hair treatment once a week, preferably overnight, or for at least one hour. I like to use 3 natural ingredients on my hair that I make myself, which you will find the recipe below. Your hair will thank you for it by appearing more luscious and stronger.

4. Avoid hot showers as it drys out your hair and skin majorly. Too much heat creates dry ends and can even cause tangles. If you have sensitive or oily skin/scalp this applies mostly to you. At the end of the shower I love to finish it off with a burst of cold water. Also blow dry your hair with the dryer face down, not up.

5. At home I use a bamboo brush and comb. Why is this good? Because it is a gentle and sustainable hair tool that will be easy on your locks; no static, and will evenly distribute your hairs natural oils down the shafts.

6. Comb and brush your hair every morning and night. I like to use my bamboo brush when my hair is dry, and my bamboo comb when my hair is wet after washing.

7. When wearing your hair up, don’t tie it too tight as this can cause hair loss from the scalp, and can also cause headaches.

8. Most importantly, use a natural/organic brand of shampoo and conditioner which contains plant oils, and no synthetic silicone, fragrances and other chemicals which only coat your hair strands, not nourish it from the inside. I use Dr Organic Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner.


What you will need:
One Avocado (if your have short hair you will only need 1/2).
One Tablespoon of Coconut Oil
One Teaspoon of Olive Oil

Combine and mash all ingredients together until it forms a paste.

Apply to the middle and ends of your hair shaft.

Comb ingredients through to the very ends. Leave on overnight.

You can put a towel over your pillow and gently tie your hair up. Alternatively leave mask on for an hour before washing it. Avocado, olive and coconut oil are all very nourishing ingredients which will soak in your hair strands rather than coat it which is essential for luscious shiny hair.

You can thank me later! Enjoy 🙂 

Do you have any hair rituals? Comment and share them below!

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