Charcoal For Teeth Whitening Review | Does It Work?

Charcoal For Teeth Whitening Review | Does It Work?

Charcoal for teeth whitening? Does it work? Is it safe? What else can you do to whiten your teeth? Let’s have a look!

Using charcoal powder for teeth whitening purposes goes back to ancient Egyptians and Greeks, as there were no chemicals for whitening and cleaning used by Dentists around. According to My Magic Mud, A 2014 study out of King’s College London showed Romans living from 200-400 AD had far less gum disease than exists today.  Only five percent of the 303 skulls examined suffered gum disease. This also comes down to the reduced amount of sugar and processed foods back in those days.


As a kid, I had healthy white and strong teeth. But growing up, I’ve learned to enjoy my coffee, tea and the occasional red wine. And you know what that means? Eventually your teeth aren’t so white anymore, and sorry teeth, I don’t want to give up those things. I am human after all.

There are a lot of teeth whitening products out there, including services at the dentist, and at home whitening kits, which definitely gives you white teeth, which is cool, but I am trying to reduce the toxins and chemicals in my life, and due to having bruxism (teeth grinding) at night, my teeth are sensitive. The chemicals used in teeth whitening formulas can be irritating to sensitive enamels, so they are a big no for me.

Because I work in a health foods store, I am exposed to new health products all the time, and a new trend emerging is activated charcoal to whiten your teeth. But just a warning: some products out there have no guarantee with the quality of the charcoal, which can be even worse for your teeth. A friend of mine said to me that a charcoal powder which was shipped out to her caused her teeth irritation.

But I finally found a charcoal product that I approve of! For the last two weeks, every morning I have been using the My Magic Mud Tooth Whitening Powder, which is available online or from health food stores. This tooth powder not only contains activated charcoal, but also three other ingredients.


Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal – helps to whiten, polish and remove toxins.
Organic Orange Peel Extract – removes stains and is an effective whitener.
Organic Mint – soothes your teeth and gums and reverses pain.
Bentonite Clay – detoxifies and pulls out toxins.

I chose to use this particular product because it is lab verified safe. Be careful of the other charcoal powders on the market, and do your research.

So now that we know it’s lab verified safe, does it actually work?


I used the charcoal powder every morning, with a bamboo tooth brush. I used a soft bristle, which is ideal for sensitive teeth. I wouldn’t recommend using an expensive white colored tooth head and bristles as charcoal can stain surfaces. And this practice can also get REALLY messy. So I brushed my teeth in the shower rather than the sink. After brushing with the powder and some water, I brushed again with my normal toothpaste.

They recommend to use this product at night, but I used it in the morning after my coffee. I actually bought their whitening toothpaste as well, but I personally think the powder is a lot more potent and whitens your teeth a lot faster. I definitely feel like my teeth are more whiter after two weeks.

It is know where near like what a professional teeth whitening result is like, but it is good enough for me right now. I did not take a before and after photos, this is just a personal experience. We are all different, and depending on the health of our teeth enamel, some people have whiter teeth than others.

I know it’s hard, so try not to compare your teeth with others.

I hope one day they will finally bring out a natural teeth whitening kit which could be just as effective as the dentistry ones.  A girl can only wish?

I will still be on the lookout for a great natural whitening product, and will continue to take as much care of my teeth as possible!

*Edit: I use this product now once or twice a week to maintain my teeth to look whiter. It’s something you just have to be consistent with.


  • Rinse your mouth with mouthwash straight after a coffee or tea, as well as meals with tomato pasta sauce and curries.
  • Always make sure you brush morning and night.
  • When drinking carbonated drinks, always drink from a straw.
  • Reduce your sugar intake, as staining bacteria feed on sugar. Xylitol or stevia are great sugar alternatives. (Available from health food stores).
  • Are you on any medication? Some medications cause teeth staining, so ask your pharmacist or doctor for any prevention.

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