To Me, Being Spiritual Means…

To Me, Being Spiritual Means…

Watering my seed.

Embracing the moments of blossoming.

Showing the world my stigma and petals.

Loving others for being a Rose, and loving myself for being a Lily;

Both beautiful.


Opening up my mind.

Closing up my ego.

Laughing with my soul.

Spreading light with my aura.

Dancing with the angels.


Not always trying to be positive.

In times of grief, anger or fear; changing my attitude,

And learning to adapt and flow.


Accepting myself for who I am, and ignoring ego calls.

Accepting others for who they are.

Letting people be who they want to be,

I’ll worry about myself.


Finding happiness in my morning coffee.

Reading angel cards to my girlfriends after having a few wines,

And laughing, and healing.

Listening to the signs from the universe,

Not from the TV.


Trying to see gratitude before the storm,

Accepting the storm,

Learning from the storm,

Continuing life after the storm.


Embracing my quirkiness,

Accepting myself for being the quiet one,

I’m happy knowing I don’t need to be loud to be heard,

I hear myself.


To me, being spiritual means;

Finding happiness from all of the above,

But most of all;

From within.

-Peta Ramia



I hope you enjoyed fellow angels ♥ I’d love to hear what being spiritual means to you, comment below ꜜ