Embracing Change

Embracing Change

Every where I look at the moment there are transitions and changes happening in nature. The once blossomed flowers now turned green are ripening under the warmer sun ready for harvest. It reminds me that we all have seasons and changes in our lives too. Change is actually good.

Lately I have spring cleaned a few areas in my life. I am at the start of my new path, slowly transitioning. Sometimes I love it, but other times its awkward and scary and at times I cannot see the light yet. Yes even I have my moments. But I had a realization when I walked outside into nature.

Outside my backyard there are peach and plum trees. They are in the middle of growing into nutritious ripe fruit. They are only green and small, hard to notice and see. They have lost their flowers and colors from the Spring re-birth.

As I’m looking outside and observing this growth, I then realize the same things happen to us. We can relate this to our lives. Just like a home renovation, this phase may be slow, difficult and frustrating. An awkward phase. Maybe even scary and regretful. This stage may be difficult but know that there are good things, just like the fruit; growing your way. Just like the peach trees, what was once a pretty pink flower, is in the process of turning into a bigger and more colorful piece of fruit that serves us a delicious outcome. These beautiful pieces of harvest are peacefully waiting for their growth and transformation.

Although you may be experiencing a hard time in your life. My secret is to flow with the changes with the same grace as mother nature with patience and assurance that everything is unfolding as it should be. Not long ago I came across a quote (source unknown), which really hit me hard and I thought it was a beautiful reminder to anyone who is a bit lost in their lives:

“Find your bits of light in the storm and cling to them. It doesn’t matter how small it seems. Find it and be thankful and watch it expand to a new horizon”

Flow with the changes and remember to release any old emotions, attitude and ways that no longer serve you during the full moons to benefit you even more. I love to cleanse my crystals and write down the things I want to release from my life and then I burn the piece of paper. Before I started this blog, during a full moon ceremony that I had, I wished for something positive to come into my life. A few weeks later I started this blog. If you get in touch with your spiritual side- that is how powerful some of the benefits can be. Come out of your spiritual closet now.

As hard as it may be, adopt patience. Live in the moment. Be here now. Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery, live in the presence.

And most importantly of all, embrace the growing/blossoming/ripening stage of your life. Embrace every minute of it even if its not going the way you imagined yet. Just like a green plant before the blossom in Spring and before the ripening in Summer, know that great things take time and something wonderful is on its way.