Why You Should Add A 24K Gold Face Mask To Your Beauty Bucket List

Why You Should Add A 24K Gold Face Mask To Your Beauty Bucket List

Recently I had the pleasure to experience a 24K gold facial mask by my lovely skin therapist Martine. When I think of gold, the words luxury, glamorous and elegance comes to mind, also the Egyptian goddess Cleopatra, as she was often draped in gold and was known to put gold on her body to promote radiance, which has now been used for years in our modern world so we can also achieve that ‘glow’. In case you missed it, read my recent post on Cleopatra’s beauty secrets hereIf you haven’t heard of this treatment before; yes- REAL gold is put onto your skin!

Ideally, you should go and get gold facial done at a spa or salon, from a therapist who knows what they are doing and can guarantee that the product is pure. I got my treatment done at Skin and Soul Aesthetics in Barwon Heads by Martine (she also sees clients in Williamstown). Martine has been practicing gold face masks for a long time and knows what she’s doing, the gold sheets that she uses also doesn’t contain traces of lead and other toxic ingredients, it is 99% gold and 1% silver. (Silver holds the gold sheets together). Be careful of the products that you can buy and use at home, and ‘cheap’ treatments, as there is no guarantee in the quality of the gold. To find out more info about Martine’s treatment contact her on Facebook here.


  • Encourages the process of cell renewal and collagen.

  • A great Anti-ageing treatment; reduces fine lines and wrinkles and ensures skin elasticity.

  • Detoxifying for your skin as it eliminates toxins and can reverse damage from the sun.

  • Instantly brightens your skin and promotes that ‘glow’ that we all try and achieve. (Immediately after my treatment I had a golden glow to my face).

  • Improves circulation of blood.

  • Great for acne sufferers like me as it fights blemishes from its antibacterial properties.


Like I was, you’re probably convinced to get this treatment yourself. Anywhere that provides quality gold sheets is not expensive, so be sure to save your coins and treat yourself to this luxurious beautiful face mask that you will always remember! Can’t wait for the next one!